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Show Me The Pictures

Updated: May 4, 2022

Taken from the book "Did You Read My Profile? 50 Things a Woman Should Know About Finding Mr. Right Online"

By Bill Stamps

You don’ have to be drop dead gorgeous. You don’t have to have a smoking hot body. However, you do have to be attractive to the man who chooses you. Every man looks at pictures and imagines whether or not he can see himself with that woman. Perhaps women do the same. Whether she has a Master’s Degree, likes sports, or has a lot of things in common with him are not that important when the man is deciding if he wants to say hello. Those details may become more important down the line, but not initially. If he can’t see himself introducing her to his friends, or walking hand in hand with her, then nothing else in the rest of the profile matters.

In one of the online forums, a woman said she wasn’t getting a lot of hits on her profile and was asking the group members for help. She then posed this question to the group.

“Do you HAVE to have a picture? I don’t want my picture- let me explain. Smaller town, professional job, I do not want the public knowing I’m on a dating site. Plus I see lots of of

people I know on there. So I have no problem sending my picture. I just don’t want everyone seeing it.”

Remember the famous line in the movie Jerry McGwire “show me the money?” Well show me the pictures.

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